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A new ITIL course has been announced by Pink Elephant – a premier global training, consulting and conference service provider. This is a practitioner level course and the course is titled, “Enabling Critical Competences Certification Course.” The course was recently launched and has been available since February 18, 2016. has quoted Troy DuMoulin, VP – Research and Development, Pink Elephant as saying:

“At Pink Elephant, we’re always striving to ensure that our courses provide the best level of knowledge that students can take back and translate into results. ITIL Practitioner and its 9 Guiding Principles show students how to adopt, adapt and apply ITIL to specific circumstances and requirements to drive successful projects.”

The ITIL Practitioner course was developed by Pink Elephant as a response to requests from ITSM professionals around the world. The certification was developed to help ITSM professionals adopt and adapt ITIL principles, thereby maximizing the value of ITSM for their organizations and customers.

What can we expect from ITIL Practitioner?

ITIL Practitioner course will prepare individuals to handle challenges faced within ITSM, and also to enable them to correctly adapt the ITIL framework according to the organization’s requirements.

What does this course include?

The ITIL certification course consists of an intensive 2-day course that consists of:

  • Organizational change management
  • Communication
  • Measurement and Metrics
  • Guiding Principles

The course will also teach students more on DevOps, Lean and Agile.

Further to this course, Pink Elephant has also released a new publication called the ITIL Practitioner Guidance. This is a supporting document for its new certification course.

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